The Authentic Life Workbook


A Manual on Addictions, Compulsions,

and Avoidance for Teens



Linda Cathcart, M.A.


Parents, Counselors, Educators, Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers, and Clergy:


If you are working with oppositional kids; depressed kids; kids who are using drugs, sex, the internet, or some other form of escape, this book is for you.  The Authentic Life Workbook is a workbook/journal that walks kids, in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way, through the process of paying attention to the fact that they are avoiding and what it is that they are avoiding.  The workbook also helps them to see how to begin to take accountability and ultimately responsibility for their thoughts, their feelings, their choices, and their actions.  And their consequences.


In this workbook, students will learn:


·       An avoidance behavior is a way of giving away your personal power. 

·       An avoidance behavior may take the form of an addiction, a compulsion, or simply a habit.

·       There are many ways to give away your power.

·       Giving away your personal power and avoidance mean the same thing.   

·       One part of experiencing your personal power is feeling your feelings. 

·       Personal power requires that you BE RESPONSIBLE for what you do.

·       Coping with problems by avoidance doesn’t work because avoidance doesn’t solve the problem. 

·       No one else can ever make your choices for you.  No one else can ever be the thinker or the doer in your life.

·       The truth is you can’t give away your personal power.



To live an authentic life, your own actual life instead of a false, imitation life, you have to know the facts of your life.  You have to look at your life and accept it for what it is… not for what you wish it was, or what you hope it will be, but for what it actually is, right here, right now in this moment, in this actual authentic space in which your life is unfolding.                  –Linda Cathcart


Most people will never learn the things in this workbook in depth.  It’s not because this workbook contains valuable secret information unavailable to most people.  It is because everyone has valuable secret information about who they are, that most people won’t look for.  By working hard, the teen will discover who they are.  They may discover why they are who they are.  They will begin to discover that they have power beyond anything they have imagined.  Everyone has the power to live a life they love.


The workbook is laid out in an interesting and visually appealing format that leads the adolescent through an extensive introspective process, without making him or her feel defensive or overwhelmed.  


Great tool for school counselors, residential treatment centers, juvenile

correctional facilities, teen outreach programs, and parents of teens! 


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About the Author


Linda Cathcart, M.A., C.S.A.C.



Linda has been in practice as a therapist since 1984. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the Arizona State University and a Masters degree in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, Linda participated in a two year certification program at the Gestalt Therapy Institute in Phoenix. She has received additional training in Rational Emotive Therapy, Reality Therapy, Art Therapy, Drama Therapy, and Equine Therapy. Linda holds an Arizona State Community College teaching certificate and is a certified Master Facilitator in "Keys to Excellence." She has experience working in a hospital outpatient clinic with poly-substance abuse clients and court diversion DUI offenders.  Linda worked for eight years with the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, working with adolescents with substance abuse issues, violent offenders, and sex offenders.  During this time she was the recipient of the Governor's Award for Excellence in Government as a result of her work on the development and implementation of a Model Treatment Program. For the past eight years, Linda has worked in the private sector at therapeutic boarding schools for emotionally troubled teens and has developed the program materials and workbooks still in use at these facilities. She has worked as a teacher, a therapist and an administrator.  Throughout her career, Linda has traveled nationally to provide training and workshops to staff, students, parents and families.



















Cathcart, Linda.

The Authentic Life Workbook: A Manual on Addictions, Compulsions, and Avoidance for Teens


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